Promoting research and education in orthodontic health

Dr Andrew Marriott is a Trustee and founding member of The Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education NZAO Charitable Trust (FORENZAO).  The Trust was set up in 2005 to promote and encourage research into orthodontic advancement. Specifically, the Trust 

  • funds scientific and clinical research exploring methods for improved orthodontic care
  • encourages and supports scientific and clinical research and specialist orthodontic health care
  • supports post-graduate education associated with the discipline of orthodontics within New Zealand, including the support of students and lecturers involved in such education
  • promotes education about orthodontic health care in the community generally
  • assists movements, groups and organisations endeavouring to support and promote these purposes.

FORENZAO assists in funding projects run by the Education and Research Development Group (ERDG) of the NZAO. FORENZAO gathers funds for the ERDG through NZAO member contributions and sponsorship from related orthodontic businesses.